Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke As tobacco smoke started to be cleared from the air over the past few years from coast to coast as a result of all the laws going into effect that prohibit smoking, I thought, for sure, the air would be cleaner, healthier, and fresher. Instead, it has been filled with the stench … More Up in Smoke

Logic vs. Liberal

Why do you think this is so hard for some to understand? In this video Bill Whittle shows us why business and entrepreneurship is what built this country, and why it is the only thing that will save it. Send it to all the left-wing, non-thinking, liberals that you know. The smart ones will see … More Logic vs. Liberal

Is this tolerance

This guy gets fired for wearing a navy hat/shirt with the name of a ship on it. He is then fired from his union job for wearing it. The name of the ship? George H. W. Bush, an aircraft carrier. Fired? Really? You are so childish and immature that you fire your worker for wearing … More Is this tolerance