508 Students Shot! Want to re-think homeschooling now?

According to city of Chicago school officials, in the past 16 months there have been 508 students shot!  Here is the link to the story from wcbs.

That’s over one kid a day!  When you take out time for in service days, vacation days, snow days that is over two kids a day who get shot IN school.  To put that in perspective, you would have to take all the deaths in Iraq from November of 2007 until today, March 11, 2009 to equal just the kids shot in school in Chicago alone. 

We should never have another war protest until we have a school protest.  There have been how many movies talking about how savage war in Iraq is?  There have been how many angry celebrities protesting what a war monger Bush was because of the death in Iraq?  How many people voted for Obama because they wanted an end to this war?  Now, how many news programs have you seen with thousands of protesters refusing to let kids back into schools until someone puts a stop to the violence?  The answer would be NONE.

There are so many areas to address with this story.  We could talk about how this is just the shootings, this is not the stabbings, fights, drugs, sexual assaults.  If I were to include those numbers the reality ccould look like this.  From the beginning of this article until this point, one child ccouldhave been shot, 3 would have been stabbed, 8 would have been beaten, 12 would have been sexually assaulted.

Remember how most of us would say, when asked about homeschooling, “Yeah, those kids end up smarter but they are not more socially acclimated?”  Well, things have changed since the 1920’s bud.  How socially acclimated are kids who no longer socialize?  How well adjusted are children who have a one in three chance of being assaulted at school?  Those days of sweet school dances, innocent sporting events and safe times in class rooms are gone.

Perhaps now is a great time to introduce your self to home schooling.  It’s something that almost everyone can afford, almost everyone can accomplish and get this, it creates more socially interactive children than traditional school does. There are still dances, sports teams, clubs and other community events kids can participate in to offer them a well rounded upbringing.

There are a number of great resources for homeschooling. Even if you think you can’t afford it or you believe you don’t have the education level to do it well, do yourself and your children a favor and look into it. 

*This post was originally posted in March of 2009


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