The Aim of a Loose Cannon


The Aim of a Loose Cannon By Josh Tolley

Everyone knows that criminals don’t commit crime. Everyone knows that when someone buys a gun out of the back of a van under an overpass, that gun will be used solely for target shooting out at the local gun club. Everyone knows that an unarmed old man can easily defend himself against a 20 year old murdering thug who is shooting bullets, and everyone knows that when a city has a gun ban, nobody gets shot because that would mean someone didn’t obey the gun ban, and that just doesn’t happen, right?

Obviously that was sarcasm because by now, everyone should know that when people can carry guns, the odds of them becoming a victim of crime decrease. Matter of fact, there is no better example of how great carrying a gun can be for your health than Chicago. Recently a retired police officer defended himself with a firearm he was carrying, which saved his life; an old man protected himself and his household with a gun (which was illegal for him to have).

The obvious question here is, if people can have the ability to defend themselves, why would the government want to ban that? Wouldn’t a safe city be more, well… safe? Wouldn’t that safe city be an easier sell for business and resident relocation to that fine city?

Let’s look at the great city of Chicago. They have a gun ban, which evidently the criminals are unaware of, but the law abiding people know about. The result is that there is so much violence, that it has been proposed that the National Guard start taking to the streets. There were so many shootings that last year 200 people were shot in the month of July alone and over 50 were shot just a couple weeks ago. It’s so violent, that when 32 people were shot in a two day time period it barely made the news because this kind of incident is rapidly becoming normal.

Instead of the police holding stupid “gun turn in” events, which, by the way only raises the odds in favor of the criminals, they should be encouraging people who want to protect themselves to become armed, get trained, and enhance the city of Chicago. As a matter of fact, the stupidity shown when a police department opposes an armed populous is alarming. Everyone knows that police respond to crime, they cannot prevent it. There is no way a good cop would tell you that it is better for you to become a victim during the 30 minute period it will take for him to arrive, as opposed to defending yourself. As a matter of fact, there are instances where an armed citizen had shot the criminal who was about to kill the cop.

This leads us to the political leaders who oppose your right to defend and protect yourself when you are faced with a life or death situation. Only an idiot would oppose private gun ownership. But for the sake of argument, let’s assume for a second that somehow an idiot was elected to local, state, or federal office. Let’s say, for example, that there was a mayor elected in Chicago who told you that you could not own a handgun, or made it extremely difficult to own one. Not only would it show his lack of ability to think logically, but it would also portray him as an arrogant hypocrite.

The mayor counts on hand guns to protect himself (have you noticed the armed men with him where ever he goes?). Then he tells the people that hand guns don’t protect you from crime or deter crime. Um, what? If ever there were to be a mayor this ignorant (and I’m sure the odds are against that) then he should be required to dismiss the men around him who are armed. He wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite would he? And if he has the audacity to say something stupid like his circumstances are different because he’s mayor, then ask yourself, who is more likely to run into an armed thug on the way out of work, the store, school, etc. you or the Mayor? As a matter of fact, criminals are a lesser threat to the Mayor for more reasons than just his advanced economic conditions. Criminals should love him because he’s the one allowing them to make you an easier victim.

He and all the police leaders in the country know that an increase of police will not prevent you from getting shot, stabbed, raped, or mugged. Does he want you mugged? Does he want to increase the take home pay for thieves? Someone should ask him. If… of course, there is such a moron ever elected.

Do I think the mayor shouldn’t rely on firearms for his protection? No, I think he should. But, I also believe that your life is just as valuable as his and if he thought the same, he would make sure that you have the same right to protect yourself as he has.

Don’t be fooled by ignorant arguments like the one given in Washington D.C. by their police chief. She was arguing against the relevance of gun ownership when she said that after the gun ban in her city was lifted, there had been no instances of the 800 new gun owners using that gun to protect themselves. Um…What? Was she wishing they would have been attacked? Does she think that the crime rate in her city is so bad that out of millions of people these 800 should have been attacked already? Her logic is backwards. The better stat would be, out of the 800 people who purchased guns after the gun ban was lifted, those people have been enjoying a 0% rate of victimhood and they have also committed 0 murders or shootings. Silly police chief, the point is not for gun owners to shoot the criminals you haven’t arrested; it’s for us to stay safe.

There is of course a third more sinister reason why a local, state, or federal government wouldn’t want armed citizens. But if that is the case, the majority of those implementing the plan would have no clue as to the real motive and the rest of us are in a much worse position than we want to be in. We should all be tuning into Alex Jones as he may be on to something.

Everyone knows that this election year is important and that it is really a kick-off to a political climate that will carry though till 2012. With that in mind, I know many people wonder who to vote for. One suggestion I will make, fear the man who wants to keep all the weapons and give you none, consider the man who is not afraid to hand you a gun.



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