Logic vs. Liberal

Why do you think this is so hard for some to understand? In this video Bill Whittle shows us why business and entrepreneurship is what built this country, and why it is the only thing that will save it.

Send it to all the left-wing, non-thinking, liberals that you know. The smart ones will see the light, while the idiots will still not get it, but you can enjoy laughing at them.

Now, I will say that he mentions free trade and how important it is. While I agree trade between nations is important and wealth creating for everyone on the planet, there does need to be some care and strategy. The reason being, when you have international trade agreements it is not only two businesses trading goods and services, but the political elite who try to pervert that transaction for political power purposes. For this reason, there needs to be times of teriffs and taxes. Other than that, this video is spot on!


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