Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke

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As tobacco smoke started to be cleared from the air over the past few years from coast to coast as a result of all the laws going into effect that prohibit smoking, I thought, for sure, the air would be cleaner, healthier, and fresher. Instead, it has been filled with the stench of cowardice and the residue of evil. While I can understand a statute that would prohibit smoking from places like the nation’s capitol, public airports, and hospitals, I cannot, in good conscience and with any amount of soul, support an individual being stripped of his/her rights to their own body or property (including business).

First, let’s look at the evil. Any person or organization which would strike away at individual freedoms and liberties that have been bestowed upon a great nation of people is nothing short of evil. If a private business wants to allow smoking in their establishment and a group of concerned parents are convinced to lobby in order to strip that business of those freedoms which are enjoyed on private property then those parents are doing more harm to those children then any smoke filled business ever could. Those parents are showing their children that freedom is a lie. As parents, they demonstrate that personal action and accountability do not matter and that any dream a child may have for a future is all for not, because if someone can strip someone else of these things, then someone in turn can strip them from theirs also.

The cowardice is equally concerning and more subtle. It is the very reason EVERY non-smoker should stand up for privately owned property and individual smoker’s rights. Cowardice is allowing someone to lose their rights for the advancement of your personal preference or a politician allowing such a bill to pass without standing for freedom.

The wall of freedom that holds back the darkness of socialism is made with stones of individual rights. When even one stone is chipped away it creates a reaction effect. It loosens, and then removes the ones next to it, so on and so forth until all we are left with is the memory of a once great nation. If this mighty nation falls, be sure to tell your children that you stood by and watched it all happen with a puff of smoke. The ignorant among us believe it is better to be smoke-free than to actually be free. The naive among us believe that one group can take the freedoms from another without there ever being the risk of they themselves one day losing their freedom.

Wake up America! If those who wish this country to fall convince us to take away our freedoms from ourselves we have already fallen. No risk from allowing others to smoke poses the same risk as taking that right away. “Give me liberty or give me death.” –Patrick Henry

If you live in a community ravished by the loss of smoker’s rights, it’s not too late to put that stone back in the wall of freedom. Petition to gain that freedom back! Support candidates who support freedom! Join groups like Cigar Rights of America even if you don’t smoke.

Know this, whatever rights that you enjoy can be strengthened when you defend the rights of others.

 Live free, Love deeply, and smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.


Josh Tolley is a business and behavioral strategist.  His latest book, “Quit Your Job or Die: Discover the Importance of Self-Employment” has been a top ten best seller for over 16 weeks. He has been seen on NBC, CBS, on over 100 stations nationwide and he has been heard from coast to coast on the radio.  His teachings have been implemented by hundreds of people and dozens of businesses around the globe. He is ranked as one of the top 100 business and personal growth trainers in the world and is the developer of many human interaction technologies and strategies. Josh does take on a VERY limited number of personal clients, to discuss this or to book Josh for an event in your area, contact Mike with The Annex Project at 626-893-4917 or contact@joshtolley.net.  You can also find out more about what Josh is up to at www.JoshTolley.com


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