Five Keys to Protecting Your Rights


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Five Keys to Protecting Your Rights


Since the dawn of civilization, there have been small groups of people attempting to take away the freedoms of others.  When America was founded, it was focused on taking away the rights of government.  For the first time, the people would have control over their own freedom and destiny.  History is being relived in our time however. TSA, “Patriot” act, along with a thousand other tools having been implemented in recent decades to strip the people their freedoms and liberty.

The two factors that have allowed America to become the wealthiest and the most advanced nation on the planet while doing so in a global “blink of an eye”, were free enterprise and an extreme lack of government.

If you want to keep and re-claim your freedoms, then we will need to implement the five key elements to victory!

1.       Exercise Your Rights

Knowing your rights is great but it is not enough!  You need to know your rights AND use them, otherwise stealing them away from you would be a piece of cake.  Here is an example to prove my point.

If I own a wrench and I never use it but instead I just keep in the garage somewhere, then anyone can come by and steal it without my ever knowing it’s gone.  As a matter of fact, if someone asked if I have a wrench I would say “of course”, since in my mind it still exists.  Now, on the other hand, if I were a mechanic who used my tools every day I would not only know how to use them, but I would know where they are at all times, not to mention that I would notice the instant someone tried to steal them from me.

Today, even the patriots among us are hardly using their rights.  We know our rights are there and we may even own a copyof the constitution, but exercising those rights are few and far between

2.       Become Politically Astute

When there are more people (who vote) who know the name of Paris Hilton’s dog than there are that know the address of the White House, it goes without saying that we are in trouble.  What is sadder yet (if that’s even possible) is the number of people who think they know about politics and in reality have no clue!

Case in point, are the thousands of people who are supporting public unions.  They associate themselves as Democrats yet the Democrat party has done more to export jobs than the very people these union members protest against. The same holds true on the other side of the isle; how many people consider themselves Republicans because they want fiscal responsibility, yet they don’t understand that Republicans have been aiding the Federal Reserve in destroying that very same fiscal responsibility?

By studing the founding fathers we can understand the role we are to play in government.  Also, look at the one party/two sided coin we currently have and ask yourself if you really can support either side.  I find it interesting that most people who identify themselves as a Democrat do not support what the Democrat party supports, and most people who identify themselves as a Republican would actually spend their lives opposing what the Republican party supports.

The truth is, when the people who want to take away your power, pit you against your neighbor, they can steal your freedom; like an illusionist pulling a magic trick when nobody is looking.  When you get down to it everyone wants freedom, they want a healthy and happy family and they want the opportunity to become whatever they can become.  If the people in this country woke up to the political system, the politicians would find that the largest political party is the party of The People and coincidently, that is the one that the vast majority of those politicians are not a member of.

What may be hard for some people, is the eye-opening revelation that their country is not what they thought their country was!  For example, how many people think there is a “separation of church and state?” That doesn’t appear anywhere in any of our founding documents.  Perhaps these revelations would mean to some that America is not the land in which they would select to live, and the great part is, those same people can select to leave.

3.       Educate and Motivate  

The loss of freedom and liberty is certainly not common water cooler conversation, nor is it talked about on American Idol.  That means it is up to those who are discovering the truth to tell others, not just tell them, but take it a step further and actually encourage others to participate in these five keys.

Give a copy of the latest documentary to your buddy from work, hand out that article to your son’s friend’s parents, and encourage your mother-in-law to vote for the first time in her life.

4.       Participate in the process

Don’t limit yourself to just knowing and telling, but add in some doing.

Think about this, there is a huge push in the patriot/truth movement to spread documentaries and I think that is great, but a documentary without action is just a movie with no hot actresses and no car chases! When the documentary Super Size Me came out millions of people watched it but did millions of people stop going to McDonald’s? No! Actually in the years since the documentary came out McDonald’s has posted record profits and more people are overweight.

A head full of knowledge is just a cool encyclopedia.  What freedom requires are people who will work for campaigns, contact their representatives, and even become representatives themselves! 

You cannot name one documentary film maker who wouldn’t be happy to know that their film actually caused a movement.  America is a country OF the people, FOR the people but it DOESN’T stop there, it continues to say; BY the people.  We tend to stop at the “of” and “for” with the hopes that someone else will do the “by” part for us.  They have, and look where it has gotten us?!  We need to put the “by the people” back into our daily lives, for when we do, the “of” and the “for” take care of themselves.

5.       Promote and/or participate in entrepreneurship

I know this may seem like it doesn’t fit in with the other four keys, but trust me, it is the foundation of not only the other four keys but the nation itself.  When there are less entrepreneurs there are more freedoms lost!  We hear all the time about how the large multi-national corporations are taking over the world, so what is the solution… working for one of those evil companies or starting your own?!

Bottom line is this; employees are easy to control from a political perspective.  When you are an employee you will vote for people who make life better, as anyone would. Not only is your vote easy to buy, oops, I mean gain, but you are also more likely not to participate in the other four keys!

Think about it this way, when you are a renter of an apartment do you attend city zoning meetings, property tax votes, and land use allocation hearings?  Of course not because you have your small happy place and as long as you are content in it you can go back to playing XBOX.  On the other hand if you were a land owner you would attend all those things and you would support candidates who support the people. You would also gain the ability to have an impact (affordable housing) on the community because you have taken a stand against the things that would have raised the price for you and in turn your tenants.

The same holds true when you are an employee.  In essence you are renting your life from your employer and that is why if we were to conduct two polls, you would find more small business people know what is going on in politics than employees.  You would also find there are more small business owners getting involved in the process than employees.  Have you ever wondered why so many small business owners run for local office?  It’s because they pay attention and they have skin in the game!

Not only that, but entrepreneurship provides the opportunity for you to advance your causes.  Obviously from a money stand point, money allows you to pay for billboards, documentaries, and organizations.  From a rights perspective, in every employee handbook I have seen there is always a clause about how employees are not allowed to promote, talk about, or otherwise engage in activities of a political, social, or religious nature.  When you become an employee you acknowledge you are giving up your right to stand for your beliefs for the majority of your waking hours!

If you can’t be an entrepreneur at the moment, then support the promotion of more entrepreneurs, the teaching of entrepreneurship, and also by financially supporting businesses that are owned by entrepreneurs.  This does not mean they have to be small businesses, even though supporting small business is vital.  Sometimes we forget that large family owned companies started out as small businesses and we shouldn’t punish them because they offered a quality product/service while becoming successful.  It is when you get into publicly traded, no majority ownership companies that a socialistic monopoly effect takes place.  What we need are more family/individual business owners to become billionaires so truth can compete against tyranny.

The evil doers know when they can kill entrepreneurship; they can kill the spreading of the truth!

Josh Tolley is a business and behavioral strategist.  His latest book, “Quit Your Job or Die: Discover the Importance of Self-Employment” has been a top ten best seller for over 16 weeks. He has been seen on NBC, CBS, on over 100 stations nationwide and he has been heard from coast to coast on the radio.  His teachings have been implemented by hundreds of people and dozens of businesses around the globe. He is ranked as one of the top 100 business and personal growth trainers in the world and is the developer of many human interaction technologies and strategies. Josh does take on a VERY limited number of personal clients, to discuss this or to book Josh for a seminar in your area, contact Mike with The Annex Project at 626-893-4917 or  You can also find out more about what Josh is up to at


2 thoughts on “Five Keys to Protecting Your Rights

  1. And you are running for President when??!!! : )

    Stunning, I am sharing this with with everyone I know including my kids!

  2. Again, Josh, another insightful article. You identify critical issues facing our nation and suggest commonsense solutions that seem to escape an otherwise logical people.

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