Is Cain Able?

Is Cain Able?


Radio talk show host/CEO turned Presidential candidate, Herman Cain is making some major headway in his efforts to become the next President of The United States. A strong showing at CPAC, a win or two in some straw polls, and Herman Cain is on everyone’s watch list. The question remains, however; is Cain Able?

If Herman Cain is going to win the nomination, a few of the areas he needs to put attention on are as follows:

Fair Tax:

His stance on Fair Tax is the pavement on which he will travel on his road to The White House! If there is one issue that, if presented correctly, will unite today’s voters from all sides of the political spectrum, it is Taxes! Recently in Wisconsin the liberal leaning people were crying to “tax the rich” and “eliminate corporate tax breaks.” The conservative minded people, in response, were promoting lower taxes and standing firm on the position of being taxed enough. 

If Herman and his team spent resources explaining to the people the benefits of the Fair Tax, he would rally both sides around him as it addresses both sides’ beliefs and fears!

Fair Tax has been labeled a “Republican” issue from the “Democrats”; this is a HUGE advantage to Herman as he can use the fact that voters have all time low opinions of both parties. Herman needs to use that to galvanize and explain to the people that just like both parties have traditionally hung the people out to dry; those parties are also fighting the people on Fair Tax. He needs to display to voters that any Democrat who does not support Fair Tax is not supporting the progressive agenda and any Republican who doesn’t support Fair Tax is turning their back on fiscal conservation.

Fair tax is something every union should embrace as it brings jobs back to America. Fair tax should be something desired by farmers, teachers, politicians, truck drivers, and everyone else who lives in this country.  I cannot express this enough, if Mr. Cain and his team present this correctly, this will make him THE man to beat!

Note: The author has specific strategies on how to promote this issue, but due to the neutrality of this article and the fact that the author could be advising political figures in the next election cycle, specifics will be withheld at this point.

A Business Man for Small Business

Because of Obama’s complete lack of competence in addressing the financial mess in which the nation finds itself, the country will be very accepting of a business man taking the helm of the world’s largest economic ship. 

You will notice that there is another prominent businessman toying with entering the race; Donald Trump. Both Cain and Trump are successful in business. Herman has to make sure that he doesn’t appear to out shine Trump at being the “flashy” businessman. Beating Trump on this issue should be formulated around the fact that Mr. Cain has a more relatable approach to business. One of these businessmen likes gold plated toilets; the other likes entry level employees achieving their full potential. Without another word, every reader can identify which is which; Herman needs to take advantage of this face. If Cain can draw this distinction, while maintaining the public opinion that he too is a business genius, it will allow Herman to draw attention to the fact that, in the area of small business, he trumps Trump.

With all the focus on “jobs, jobs, jobs” it is an opening for Herman Cain to point out to the nation that “jobs” are a result of business, if you want to increase jobs, we must first increase business. Small business is the fastest way to generate those jobs and Herman has already taken a vocal stand on eliminating the tons of regulations which is stopping small business from thriving when it is most needed.  As a great side benefit, this will allow a great push-pull effect on promoting his message when combined with his Fair Tax stand.

Trump can be the racehorse, Cain is the workhorse!

Beyond the Economy

This will be vital to all Presidential candidates; they must all get beyond the economy. The first one to move beyond the economy will be the first one to win Iowa. I am NOT saying don’t talk about the economy, the economy is going to be listed as number one on every public opinion poll.  A good campaign manager should be pointing out that all candidates will focus on the economy, and the voters will be looking for the distinction. 

This is, again, where Herman can drive it home! He has small business and Fair Tax in the bag, NOBODY with the exception of Donald Trump’s strong position on China, can present a threat.  Since that is the case, use it! Drive home your economic recovery point so strong and constant that it makes the rest of the field look like they are playing “copy cat.”

A strong campaign manager should also be pointing out that what is listed as a number one concern is not always the number one reason for a vote. This is something the voters are not even always aware of but it leads us to the next area…

Regardless of how important the economy is, the areas of liberty, freedom, foreign affairs, and national defense are issues that voters expect strong positions from their President. This varies drastically from a Congressional race and the fools who look at November as a template to follow to the letter will not win! The people want a President who is actually viewed as stronger than any Senator on economic issues but not limited in his/her knowledge and power to just the economy.

Strong Personality

Bush was hated; Obama is a laughingstock both domestically and internationally. The time has come where people are going to be looking for someone who has the presence suiting the title; the most powerful man in the world.

The people are looking for someone who, and excuse the analogy, Hollywood would cast as a President. The only real challenger Herman Cain might face in this area is Mitt Romney. Romney is undeniably a good looking, tall, dark, and handsome man with a strong jaw line and great hair.  Sadly, this does play in the subconscious minds of voters, especially when there has been such a void of strength the past few years.

Herman Cain is a strong looking man as well and, if not downplayed, he has the voice, stature, and power of charisma that could strike fear in the heart of a communist leader. This is something Romney has to make an effort at creating in the minds of voters.

Edge… Cain

Low Name Recognition

What would be considered a bad thing for most candidates; this is actually a huge asset to Herman Cain at this point. For some reason, the Republican Party has not made huge steps presenting candidates to the nation. The national media has even mentioned that it seems like the party is running a few months behind where they should be at this point. I will admit, there may be some strategy to that on behalf of the Republican Party and individual candidates.  

Since Herman Cain will have to not only win Republican voters, but also the majority of all voters, he can use the other candidates’ delay AND the fact that he is not that well known as a tool to present himself as “the new” type of Conservative!

His team should be getting him all the non-conservative media exposure that is humanly possible, he should be speaking to unions (especially now) and presenting the math behind Fair Tax. The fact that most non-republicans don’t know who he is offers an advantage. He doesn’t carry the perception of “evil” that follows the other main runners for the Republican ticket.

Never Held Office

Because he has not been an elected official, it allows him to explore ground not available to the other candidates! The rest of the field (save Trump, since he is not “official”) have voting records, party alliances which must be played out, and reels of stump speeches which limit political creativity.

Herman Cain can reach new ground. For example, Health Care is an issue which divides. Herman can enter the arena and point out the errors/weaknesses of each side and present something fresh, i.e. all licensed medical practitioners need to donate 5 hours a week to U.S. Care – the new solution to public health! This allows the privatization of most health care while still providing an almost zero cost public health care system for those in need. 

Because he has no Republican track record he can cross the line and find common ground with the dozens of Democrats who are looking to separate themselves from Obama and Reed.  Something these Democrats could never do with any of the other Republican front runners.

The politically creative options available to Herman Cain right now are a virtual gold mine. He can rightly claim he is relatable, he can be the choice of anyone without anyone breaking loyalty, and he can actually shift the political paradigm to one which is of his own creation.  This does NOT mean that he has to abandon his core beliefs, instead he can empower the people to impact their government in accordance to those beliefs. Those beliefs whish are held and shared by most people, but because of the illusion of two distinct “parties” the people have forfeited their liberty on the altar of political solidarity. If I get 5 “Republican” voters in a room and 5 “Democrat” voters in a room with no politicians, those ten people will see eye to eye on 90% of the issues. If, however, I allow a representative of the two major political parties in that room I will have a civil war.  Love them or hate them; Bush divided America, Obama divided it further. Herman Cain can come in with logic & reason and get the majority of Americans to leave “party” and listen to their common sense.

Bottom line; Herman Cain’s prospects of winning this race are viable. If he takes on the above issues now and presents a solid jaw that can take on the neo-lib whining, and show strength and maturity when dealing with the eviction notice he needs to serve the current occupant of The White House, then Herman Cain could be the next President of The United States.

Josh Tolley is a business and behavioral strategist.  His latest book, “Quit Your Job or Die: Discover the Importance of Self-Employment” has been a top ten best seller for over 16 weeks. He has been seen on NBC, CBS, on over 100 stations nationwide and he has been heard from coast to coast on the radio.  His teachings have been implemented by hundreds of people and dozens of businesses around the globe. He is ranked as one of the top 100 business and personal growth trainers in the world and is the developer of many human interaction technologies and strategies. Josh does take on a VERY limited number of personal clients, to discuss this or to book Josh for a seminar in your area, contact Mike with The Annex Project at 626-893-4917 or  You can also find out more about what Josh is up to at


5 thoughts on “Is Cain Able?

  1. Josh, you got a lot to learn.

    Fairtax is a giant farce.

    Really — I used to be for it. Then I read the fine print. And asked questions.

    See the fine print — the fine print FROM Fairtax– and see their goofy explanation for it.

    I guarantee you never heard about their Fine Print, or their excuses for it.

  2. Mark,

    I will look into what you are saying and if I am wrong, I will pull my support for Fair Tax. Up until this point however, I cannot find another system to support as the % of income system can no longer be an option. The Fair Tax has been the best solution to the tax problem I have seen thus far.

    But..I promise I will look into your link and if you have a viable alternative, I will look at that too.

    – Josh

  3. Josh,

    Pg 78 of the fair tax book explains the government being taxed like an individual. Basically, the government will benefit from not having to pay its portion of the payroll tax and to discourage the government from unfairly competing with the private sector. We want the government to shrink and divest itself of things that the private sector can do.

  4. The plus side to this is that it is not the law yet. We can take the Fair Tax proposal and change it to fit what the people want.

    Is the Fair Tax perfect? No. Would there be alterations prior to its implementation? Of course. We can no longer use an income bases tax system…period. Too much corruption, too much manipulation. Too much revenue being missed which just adds to the tax payers burden. Income based tax systems promote out-sourcing, job loss, and abuse.

    I did not write the Fair Tax as it stands now. Contact the organization and propose changes. Let them know what you would want to see in order to support it.

    Bottom line, even in its imperfect condition it beats what we have now. It puts more control in the hands of the people generating the revenue.

    Contact and tell them to put Josh Tolley on the advisory board and lets change a few things.

    Thanks for the feedback. That’s how we improve.

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