Feel like you are selling what nobody wants?

Do you feel like you are selling what nobody wants?


One of the epidemic infections having a detrimental impact on business is this phenomenon where the people responsible for selling the business’ product or service are feeling as if they selling something nobody wants. They know the product/service inside and out, they have an expert level understanding of the industry, and “know” that everyone needs what they have to offer. Yet, it still feels like they are sailing against the wind. Here is the bad news, if you feel like you are selling what nobody wants…you are!

Often I will hear from business leaders and sales people that they don’t understand why they are not experiencing better sales numbers. The industry is valid, the product knowledge is excellent, and the competition is making money; so what’s wrong?

You will find most small business owners/managers/salespeople enter their chosen industry because they have a passion for what the industry has to offer, and that is great! I wouldn’t expect anything less than a love for what you are doing, but it is a HUGE mistake to think that your customer base shares that love!  Let’s say you have a passion for nutritional health, you decide to open a nutritional advisory business and you know 90% of the population is in need of your services. Three months later you are out of business and you are blaming the customer base for being idiots and not purchasing what you have to offer.  This happens all the time and in every industry.

The reason the business will go under is because the business owner failed to realize one simple truth. If people loved what your industry had to offer, they too would be in the industry. If people had the understanding of the importance of what you have to offer, they would already have it!

I find this very common in the fitness industry. Someone will be a fitness expert, offer world class facilities, advice, and training; yet be broke. If people liked fitness the way you like fitness, they would be fit!

Small businesses need to understand that you need to offer your product/service to your customers in a way that it fills a belief that your customers have that can be confirmed by what you have to offer. That is why fitness equipment commercials, for example, never talk about lower cholesterol levels or cancer prevention when they air their ad for the Ab Buster 5000.  They instead talk about a good-looking butt, an active summer, and of course attracting a mate. They are not selling health and fitness, they are selling what health and fitness provides! Don’t tell me what makes your industry great; tell me what I can be for letting your industry into my life.

There is an old expression in business, “mechanics make terrible car salesmen.”  The reason is, a mechanic can tell you everything about your car, he can literally build your car, but nobody buys a car because the compression on the left cylinders is at peak ratios at mid-range transitional gears. A car sells because the customer can see that car changing their life. Now, the customers have different reasons, some want a car that will help them save the planet, some want a car that just looks “hot”, some want room for their family. Customers test drive the car, they don’t test repair the car! 

The tendency for small business people to think they need to be the mechanic is alarming. There is a place for the mechanics of your industry, don’t misunderstand me; however, if you are the person in charge of generating revenue for the company, don’t become the mechanic.

Josh Tolley is a business and behavioral strategist.  His latest book, “Quit Your Job or Die: Discover the Importance of Self-Employment” has been a top ten best seller for over 16 weeks. He has been seen on NBC, CBS, on over 100 stations nationwide and he has been heard from coast to coast on the radio.  His teachings have been implemented by hundreds of people and dozens of businesses around the globe. He is ranked as one of the top 100 business and personal growth trainers in the world and is the developer of many human interaction technologies and strategies. Josh does take on a VERY limited number of personal clients, to discuss this or to book Josh for a seminar in your area, contact Mike with The Annex Project at 626-893-4917 or contact@joshtolley.net.  You can also find out more about what Josh is up to at www.JoshTolley.com


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