The 2nd Amendment: Only Exists When it is Destroyed

The 2nd Amendment: Only Exists When it is Destroyed

Young man pointing a gun 

The second amendment states:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

There have been organizations set up in order to protect this right. There have been organizations set up to limit, and even take away this right. However, where everyone seems to have missed the boat is in understanding the importance of this issue.

The amendment is to limit the power of the government in its ability to keep you from defending yourself from harm, including harm from a tyrannical government.

Let’s assume for a second that tyranny was going to raise its head in the land of the free. What is the first right that would be stripped, the right for you to protect yourself! So if that right is gone, then do you still have a right to protect yourself? Of course you do, your right to protect yourself is unalienable, meaning no human has the ability to give it to you, and no human has the ability to take it away.

So what is the point of the amendment then?!

If you own a gun, are you exercising your second amendment rights? NO.  You are a gun owner. The second amendment doesn’t talk about you having the ability to own a gun, that is a given. The 2nd amendment tells the government that it cannot try to take away that “given.”

That leads us to a very interesting observation:

The second amendment only exists when it is destroyed!

You don’t exercise your right to defend yourself if there is nobody trying to harm you, because there is no defense actually happening.

In the case of the government and the second amendment, if…IF, there were to come a time when the government tried to take your “arms” from you, it is only then that THEY have violated the limitations placed upon them. In which case you would obviously not allow the confiscation of your “arms.” If there was to be a day of such evil, it is my hope that men and women in law enforcement and military would realize they took an oath to defend the constitution.

We have a tendency to see the Constitution as a document telling the people what they can do, but it is actually a document telling the government what it cannot do.

What this means (and I hope you get this) is that you have rights that are not covered by this document! If you are a constitutional loving American, then you know that it is founded on the principle that people are endowed with unalienable rights. Governments do NOT have unalienable rights; the government’s rights are limited by the founders of that government.

Does the constitution tell you that you have the right to own a dog? No. Do you have that right? Yes. The only question that remains is; does the government have the right to influence your execution of your unalienable rights? The constitution doesn’t say you have the right to breathe, own a car, wear blue on Tuesday. Nobody would question your right to do those things. Same holds true with “arms” ownership. Nobody would ever be ignorant enough to suggest you don’t have the ability to own “arms.” (Sarcasm applied).

This is so very important! When you understand that constitution has nothing to do with you and only addresses what the government’s interaction with you can be, it provides a 180 degree shift in how we look, at not only the second amendment, but freedom as a people! The people are completely free, the government is confined. We have been living in this country as if it were the other way around! That needs to change!

Regarding the second amendment specifically, that amendment is the one that lets the government know that there are consequences to operation outside its confinement. 

In 1776 we, the people, took the government into our custody. Our founding fathers then outlined for the future babysitters of liberty the rules and parameters in which we should allow this child (government) to play. Today, we are letting the bratty little kids tell us, babysitters, what these rules and parameters mean.

Attention children, the rules mean that if you step out of line… you will get spanked!

Now, let me make this very clear. I am not advocating an armed uprising against anyone or anything. That is not the point I am trying to make and doing so would actually decrease the significance of what I’m trying to bring to your attention. Not to mention any talk of “taking on the government” would be strategically stupid. If you want to win, there are much better tactics than camping out in the woods with five rifles and a dozen boxes of ammo. Those people floor me; have you not heard of thremoscopes, drones, and tactical munitions? Your .45 doesn’t stand a chance when you can be taken out from a mile away, in the dark, and all while you are behind a wall.

Above, I mention the hope I have that those brave men and women who took an oath to defend the constitution will do just that. That oath, knowing now what we have learned in this article, means that they are to enforce the limits of the constitution. Who are those limits applied to again? That’s right, the government, NOT the people. So an oath to protect the constitution means an oath to hold the GOVERNMENT responsible, NOT just the people. If a politician ordered the removal of firearms from the homes of citizens, there should be a wire tap placed on that person, black vans outside their home, and a sheriff knocking on their door. For it is THAT politician who violated the constitution which the oath was taken to defend.

The important point here is, we need to have a dynamic shift in our approach to freedom and government. We have, as a people, been looking at our constitution backwards! You are free, your neighbor is free, the government is the one who is not free! We don’t need to fight for freedom as much as we need to fight for educating everyone as to what party tells the other what to do in this government/people dance we call America!

Josh Tolley is a business and behavioral strategist.  His latest book, “Quit Your Job or Die: Discover the Importance of Self-Employment” has been a top ten best seller for over 16 weeks. He has been seen on NBC, CBS, on over 100 stations nationwide and he has been heard from coast to coast on the radio.  His teachings have been implemented by hundreds of people and dozens of businesses around the globe. He is ranked as one of the top 100 business and personal growth trainers in the world and is the developer of many human interaction technologies and strategies. Josh does take on a VERY limited number of personal clients, to discuss this or to book Josh for an event in your area, contact Mike with The Annex Project at 626-893-4917 or  You can also find out more about what Josh is up to at


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