Could His Birth Certificate Serve as His Eviction Notice?

A portrait shot of a serious looking middle-aged African-American male (Barack Obama) looking straight ahead. He has short black hair, and is wearing a dark navy blazer with a blue striped tie over a light blue collared shirt. In the background are two flags hanging from separate flagpoles: an American flag, and one from the Executive Office of the President. 

Stop the presses, call off the search teams, bring in the dogs, and let Charlie go back to looking for his golden ticket.  President Obama has released his long form birth certificate.

By now, the fact that he is or is not a citizen doesn’t really matter.  He is in the White House already, and unless he pulls some miracle out of his bag of tricks, he most likely will be leaving shortly. 

Releasing the certificate was supposed to put an end to the “birther” movement.  A movement that Obama has ignored for the past four years.  This movement was recently given relevance due to Donald Trump’s involvement and investigation.

The question now is; what the hell was Obama thinking?

This has to be one of his biggest political missteps in a Presidency that has been laughable at best thus far.  Other than those still in the media who are kissing Obama’s butt (and that number is shrinking), there is no one who can make an argument that this was a good move to make.  This is great news for anyone who wants to see a new President.

First, this makes Obama look like Trump has him on a leash.  The President spends millions of dollars to keep this issue hidden, and Trump not backing down from this issue for five weeks makes him cave?  Trump 1 – Obama 0

Not only did Trump beat him like a punching bag, but it actually brings a new question: What on earth are you hiding?  You have a long form certificate which we will assume is real; then why spend millions of dollars to hide it?

The only thing that makes sense to me is that Trump was getting close to something much larger.  Trump has stated that he sent his own investigators to Hawaii to dig this certificate up, the same certificate the new Governor couldn’t even find!  Now, it looks like Obama is giving up the certificate in hopes that the investigation will cease.

Like I stated, the “birther” issue was a dead dog for he already occupies the office.  This new move however actually makes this issue larger!  Poor strategy Mr. President!  Because now to all those who didn’t care about the birth certificate, you just proved to them that you had one and are perhaps hiding something much larger.  That is the only plausible theory, for if he had the certificate this whole time, release it day one, and don’t create a problem for yourself.

The people who had doubts (up to 43% of the population) of his place of birth, may now have a larger doubt; as to why he would hide it from them, and, what else is he hiding? 

I don’t care if you voted for Obama, the fact is releasing this now is just pure stupidity.

If he was going to hide it and lie about it (and that is wrong both morally and politically), which he has been doing for four years…keep lying dummy!  If you are going to have a change of heart and decide it is time to come out in the open, DON’T do it because someone is barking up your tree, especially if that someone hasn’t even announced if they are a real challenger to you.  This would only show weakness and an inability to have control over a conversation which by the way, you created by not releasing the certificate in the first place.

The only way I would have suggested that Obama release this would have been at a live Presidential debate! Even then, it would have only been done if the polls and/or your challenger continued to make it an issue.  That way the release of the certificate could play to your advantage Mr. President. 

What you have done now, Mr. President, is increase the number of people who think you have something to hide, increase Trumps credibility (which seems counterproductive), and decrease your favorability rating in the polls.

Poor strategy, lack of decisiveness, and perhaps something larger and worth hiding, have all been revealed in a much larger way thanks to Mr. Obama.

Could his birth certificate serve as his eviction notice?  No wonder Democrats are pushing for a challenger for the DNC nomination!

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