Obama Threw an Osama Hail Mary; and It Got Picked

Sunday night the world waited with bated breath as the White House announced President Obama was going to make an appearance to the nation in a matter of minutes. Speculation ran rampant; could it be the radiation from Japan? Perhaps it was the escalation of the war in Libya? Nobody knew for sure until the story broke.  Osama bin Laden was killed (possibly for the second or third time).

Before the announcement was even complete there were people in the media telling us that this would boost the President’s poll numbers.  The thought was that this accomplishment would secure the President’s image as a strong leader who can protect our nation.  The newspapers were typing headlines which the White House would embrace as surely this news would solidify the sitting President as the new American hero.  A great position to be in going into his next election cycle.  The President would need this new image after the week he just had where he had to present his long form birth certificate after a citizen, Donald Trump, called him on the carpet and the President folded to the pressure.  Not only did bending to Trump make the President appear weak, not only have hundreds of experts come forward and claim the long form certificate which was presented should be deemed a forgery, but at a more down to earth level, even his own base noticed that this birth certificate meant he was a liar at best.  The President positioned himself in the past stating that a long form didn’t exist.  Turns out voters do care if you are a liar!

So the administration threw this Hail Mary pass, and just as all the reporters were getting ready to scream “Touchdown,” the pass was picked off!  The players on the field were truth and information.

Not minutes after the announcement and the world was already doubting the death.  Speculation of a fishy story was shared on all sides of the isle and it wasn’t long before main stream media was even questioning the facts of the story.  When Alex Jones and Sean Hannity agree, you know something is obviously askew! They may not agree on the cause, but they both have their eyes open enough to see the effect!

The important, yet overlooked, issue here is not if we killed the guy (that the experts said was no longer running the terrorist show) but rather why didn’t this announcement work? Why did announcement that we killed Osama bin Laden not just light the world on a euphoric fire of celebration and renewed confidence?

It’s because the truth has started to take root! People around the globe are awakening to the fact that those who have been in positions of power have misled the people they were responsible for. People are realizing it is not a “conspiracy theory” to want to have answers to questions.  There are great resources in the form of a new generation of talk shows, internet resources, and developing media that people are flocking to in order to awaken their minds to what is really going on in the world around them.

In decades past, when America achieved a large victory, there were ticker tape parades, days long celebrations, and that week or two of profound delight that we were victorious.  We don’t see that today.  Today it was less than 5 minutes before facts started leaking out.  Even more importantly, the people already knew enough about the world around them BEFORE the announcement that the announcement itself was met with a non-yielding mindset that understands questions do have answers and decisions cannot be made without them.

What was supposed to be a victory for the “powers that be” was in fact a celebration for the powers of information. No significant bump in approval ratings and no party loyalty when it came to hiding the details of the operation. 

Outlets such as GCN and others have been bridging the gap of lies and the results have been people leaving their cocoon of false comfort and deserting the parties that have been un-loyal to their people.  This battle to take logic and reason from “alternative” to “mainstream” just had a major victory, the good guys now have the ball, but now what?! Can these millions of people who now think for themselves, act for themselves? Can leaders arise to present strategy for success?

I believe they can! This information salvo being fired by people like Alex Jones and Michael Savage has started to infiltrate main stream politics.  Matter of fact, less than five days after this announcement, which was supposed to put everyone lockstep behind the lie machine, we had a Presidential debate where more than one candidate disagreed with the war in Iraq, disagreed with the tax code, and the winner(s) were those who were “unelectable” just a few short years prior. The challenge, however, is understanding that information is just the first step to success.  Truth loving, free people have been fighting this fight to get information out for so long that it has been accepted by many that the war was for information.  That was a battle; perhaps the largest battle and one without end, but not the whole war. 

Congratulations to those who seek logic and reason, and those who provide issues for people to consider, for you have a victory worth being proud!  The battle continues though, and I urge you to realize that the war you fight is not a single front war, but rather a three front war (details soon).  Also, a note to those who are fighting the battle for logic and reason; not everyone who is on your side is as far on your side as you may be, that does not mean they are the enemy, they are just seeking answers.  Embrace them, educate them, lead them, and you will have an ally.  Too often, we think it has to be, “you agree all the way or you don’t get it” and all that does is push a “could be ally” back towards the side which is truly held by your enemy.

The walls and webs constructed by those who manipulate are beginning to crack and crumble.  Remember, even when you are winning a battle you are still going to get fired upon, it doesn’t mean you are not winning.

Logic and reason, powered by a call to be free, equipped with an understanding of moral fiber, and being armed with divine calling, the truth will triumph!. 

Keep seeking truth and truth will find you.


One thought on “Obama Threw an Osama Hail Mary; and It Got Picked

  1. Great insight! I have spent the last few hours reading all your other posts. You are probably on of the wisest men in America today! What you have to say in your business themed articles is nothing short of genius.

    Thank you for not being partisan! It is like a breath of fresh air.

    I will tell everyone about you.

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