Chicago’s Top Cop Stirring Up Race/Class War?

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The great city of Chicago is in danger today, and it is in danger from within.

Newly appointed police superintendent, Garry McCarthy, recently went on a rant which should frighten the citizens of Chicago and members of Asian, Latin American, European, and African heritage.

Mr. McCarthy stated that the reason so many “black and brown children” are in danger is because of government sponsored racism, guns, and somehow, Sarah Palin.

Mr. McCarthy provided a story regarding two shootouts that took place while he was a cop in New Jersey.  So bad where these two shootouts that he had to walk through shell casings.  After making an appearance at these two tragedies he went home and turned on the television.  Sarah Palin’s Alaska was on, Sarah was hunting caribou and talking about the right to keep and bear arms.  He then asked himself; “why wasn’t Sarah Palin with me at these two crime scenes?”  Referring to her view of gun ownership as the cause for gun violence.

Let us begin by pointing out that it is just propagating hate by linking these two shootouts with Sarah  Palin.  He is saying that it is Sarah Palin’s (and those like her) view on firearms that lead to shootings like this.  Deplorable for someone in his position!  Not only is it endangering a private citizen (Sarah Palin), but it shows a complete lack of maturity and capability to perform the duties in which he is charged.  If someone in Chicago acts out against Sarah Palin, Mr. McCarthy should be investigated for inciting violence and promoting hate crimes.  How dare he take a community that is suffering over a murder a day and transfer that blame to a woman who is hunting food. 

Does he really have so little understanding of firearms and their uses? If so, someone needs to take his firearm before he hurts himself or others.  At least until he is mature enough to get it back.

Then, he fails to mention whether or not these two shootings he is referring to were carried out with legally obtained firearms.  Why did he not mention the most important part of the story? Because, he knows for a fact that most of these urban shootings that happen on the streets are being carried out by criminals and those criminals did not purchase these guns through legal channels.

Case in point, the City of Chicago police website states that over 73% of murders happen outdoors and 82.9% of all murders are carried out with a firearm.  We know that the vast majority of firearm murders are done with handguns.  We know for a fact that since the city of Chicago has prohibited the ownership of handguns in the city that these murders were done with illegal guns.  Common sense would tell us that 82.9% of murders have nothing to do with legal gun ownership.  What Mr. McCarthy should be promoting is gun ownership!  He should be letting his citizens know that his officers cannot get to you in time to stop a bullet and that it is ok for people who have worries about protecting themselves to do so.

He knows for a fact that when communities have men and women who legally have firearms to protect themselves, those communities are much safer!  He believes this so much so that he himself protects his home and family with a firearm!  That leads us to the obvious question; why doesn’t he want the people of Chicago to have the ability to protect themselves using the same equipment and same training he has?

Then, there are his comments on government sponsored racism.  He states that Federal guns laws have been enabling the flow of illegal guns to enter racial communities and harming our “black and brown children”.

If the top cop is protecting his family with a gun, the mayor is protected by men with guns, then why are the people who are protected by guns telling us that guns should not be a means of protection for the “black and brown” community? It seems very easy to see who the real racists are!  Sorry Mr. McCarthy, the people deserve to know.

Criminals will always have guns.  The issue has never been and will never be the guns.  There is a great movement happening where the Democrats, Republicans, and Independents are all waking up to the fact that… guns should NOT be a political issue and certainly NOT a race issue!  Matter of fact, the man who sued the City of Chicago in order to protect himself with a firearm was a black man who wants to live in a safe community.  Guns should be a personal choice by choosing to be a victim or choosing to protect your life. 

If Mr. McCarthy really wants to prevent crime, then instead of lying to the people and making legal guns look as dangerous as illegal guns, he should be promoting marriage, faith, and entrepreneurship.

The Urban League or your local church can do more to change the crime rate in a community than Mr. McCarthy ever could with his endangering views.

What is he trying to promote?  Racism?  I don’t know. Was he trying to say “black and brown” people lack the maturity level to be trusted with firearms and choosing their own means of protection?  I don’t know.  Is he saying that you don’t need law-abiding people owning guns because he has new super-cops that can foresee the bullet that is about to hit your child in the head?  I don’t know. He must be, because what he is promoting just doesn’t make sense.

Look, the undisputed fact is that legal guns owned by law-abiding citizens are always a better way to clean up a neighborhood!  Any cop who doesn’t agree should look for a new line of work because that cop has either bought the lie that someone trained him/her to believe, or there is a reason he doesn’t want you armed.  Either way, he/she is only endangering a community with that point of view.

You have the right to protect yourself with a firearm…period! Read my article The 2nd Amendment: Only Exists When it is Destroyed.

To answer your question Mr. McCarthy; Sarah wasn’t at that shootout with you because her community believes in the people’s right to protect themselves.  If you are asking yourself why you were not on her hunting trip and instead  had to investigate two massive shootouts, it is because your community mindset would rather the bad guys be the only ones with guns.

Embrace the politician who does not fear you being armed, avoid the politician who tries to prevent you from being armed.


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