Mayor Bloomberg Driving Gun Sales?


Recently New York City Mayor Bloomberg, with his coalition of 550 mayors from around the country, launched an ad campaign where home-grown terrorist, Adam Gadahn, was urging other terrorists to buy guns and to do so at gun shows because there is no background checks required.  The purpose of the ad was to supposedly convince the public that the government shouldn’t allow the sale of guns at gun shows because there may be terrorists buying guns there.

Truth of the matter is that if a terrorist is urging other terrorists to stock up on guns, the problem is already here.  We also know that terrorists are going to get guns no matter how many laws we pass to prevent it.  Will shutting down gun shows that need no background check to purchase a gun prevent terrorists from getting guns?  Absolutely not.  To suggest such a thing is to show either gross ignorance of the subject matter or governance by fear and that can also classified as terrorism (noun:  the use of violence and/or threats of violence to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes) I’m just sayin’.

So what does that ad really suggest?  To me, and thousands of others, it would suggest that we need to exercise our rights and arm ourselves at these gun shows.  If the mayor of New York is telling us that there are bad guys who want to shoot normal citizens and I am a normal citizen, than logic would dictate I better do something to protect myself.  Key word here is myself.  If you believe that police having firearms is something that will protect your life from terrorist who have guns, you are a fool.  The terrorist isn’t going to start shooting you in front of a cop, so there will be no cop around to protect you.  Even if there was a cop in the area which the bad guy is going to open fire, the first target taken by surprise is going to be the cop.  Why would the terrorist take out the cop first? Because he knows the cop has a gun.  If guns were not a good way to protect oneself, then why would the terrorist be so afraid of the gun that he takes out the cop first?

If the Mayor really cared about your safety, he would acknowledge that guns are going to end up in the hands of the bad guy no matter what he does.  He should then be urging his law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms, train in their handling, retention, and maintenance.  If you feel that gun ownership isn’t for you (and I don’t think it is for everyone either) then at least support your fellow neighbors in their ability to own guns.  You never know, your neighbor might just be there when you need him/her.

Bottom line; if you see this ad (Watch it HERE), the first thing it should make you want to do is buy a gun!  The Mayor, I assume, is hoping this ad will scare you and fill you with so much terror that you will be in such fear of Adam Gagahn that you will want the government to take away your rights just so Adam Gagahn doesn’t get a gun.  If you are that gripped by fear, so much so that you want people to have their rights taken way, Adam already won!  He doesn’t need you dead in order for his terrorism work.  The goal of terrorism is to make America change our way of life or die (mostly die, and changing our way of life helps them accomplish that).  If you allow Mayor Bloomberg to accomplish this act, then America has changed, Adam won, and Mayor Bloomberg was an unwitting accomplice.  The Mayor doesn’t want you to have a gun; the terrorist doesn’t want you to have a gun….

Save Mayor Bloomberg from inadvertently helping the terrorists – buy a gun.


Author’s Note:  Yes, I am aware that there is a difference between stopping gun show sales with no background check and stopping all gun sales.  Do not be fooled though, this effort to stop gun show sales is a step towards stopping other classifications of ownership.  If he is against gun show sales for the reason of no background checks, than he should be promoting proper gun ownership through alternative means. Let us not forget, there are people who are murdered while waiting for the background check to go through (Bonnie Elmasri). Besides, the bigger problem here is he is using fear of terrorists and fear of guns to make a political move.  If fewer “good” people were afraid of guns, then some of these mass shootings that continue would not be so…”mass.”


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